Photography: images captured on film, pixels, and paper. Photographs are some of our most cherished possessions: simple, beautiful, poignant. Black and white studio photos, tin types, fading albums - they are our most prized valuables. They are placed in the most prominent positions in our home. They invoke emotions, memories, and even people. 


Photographs chronicle the most important events in our lives. From weddings to births to life’s milestones. These images are the tangible reminder of life’s fleeting moments that we pass from generation to generation, from mantle to mantle, from grandparent to grandchild; to remember, to chronicle and to express what we love most.


Why choose Cindy Nichols Photography? Because her founding principle is to capture images that will endure and be treasured for generations. 


Cindy Nichols respects the importance of photography, the families, and the individuals with whom she works. She is not some assembly line, part-time hobby-ist, just-another-day-another-client photographer. She believes in giving her very best at every moment. She understands that being asked to photograph a wedding, a new child, a senior who is moving on to the next stage of life is an honor. She respects that her clients are entrusting her not just with their photos but with their memories. She believes those moments deserve the very best in quality, service, and personal attention to detail and that is what she provides.


Cindy Nichols limits the number of her clients. She gives her clients 100% of her attention and provides the highest level of personal service. She understands and appreciates the privilege of being involved in your family’s most precious events. She believes photography has the power to turn moments into memories and she lives by that in everything she does.




Cindy Nichols Photography is proud to be a wish grantor for Wish Upon A Wedding.


Cindy Nichols Photography is proud to be one of only two photographers in Ohio endorsed by the I Do Photography Network


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